Q: What is tagmydeals (TAG)?
A: TAG is essentially an online platform that gives you access to the most relevant deal data, individuals and institutions involved in the entire deal-making chain. An innovative business development tool, the platform is interactive and enables you to efficiently identify potential clients and business partners, placing you and your company in front of business partners you don’t know as well as those you do. 
Use the search tool to find relevant deals, people and companies.
Q: Who it is for?
A: Tagmydeals is for all institutions involved in the deal-making chain, including banks, law firms, exporters, borrowers, ECA’s and insurers.
Q: How much does it cost?
A: TAG is entirely free of charge to join. However, TAG also offers you the opportunity to upgrade to an enhanced company profile. With an enhanced profile you can be contacted by business partners in one click, stay in line with your brand and attract the right customers. Enhanced company profiles receive 25 times as many views as non-enhanced profiles as you will rank the highest in any search relevant to your organisation.
For more information on upgrading and costs, please contact Dom ([email protected]).
Q: Who are we?
A: TAG was set up in 2013 by the founding members of TXF: Trade and Export Finance. The team at tagmydeals has the most experienced team in the business with a proven track record in the delivery of trade and export finance news, high-quality events and online product innovation. Visit www.txfnews.com to find out more.
Q: What sort of deals do we specialise in?
A:  TAG covers Commodity Trade Finance, Export and Agency Finance, Project and Infrastructure Finance and Trade Finance guarantees/ loans.