What is Tagmydeals?

Tagmydeals is a user-generated deals database. It gives you access to deals data, companies, projects and people active in the financial deals industry. So far, the platform covers the export, commodity, project, shipping and aircraft finance deal markets, as well as development bank deals and bonds and loans.

Who is it for?

The platform is for all dealmakers and institutions involved in the deal-making chain. Including banks, law firms, ECAs, insurers and corporates. These can be anything from producers, exporters and importers to project sponsors, equipment providers and contractors. Every single sign up is manually approved to ensure ONLY active dealmakers are allowed access to the site.

Why use Tagmydeals?

  1. Know your market: Using keywords, search for deals, projects, companies and people then filter by sustainable deals, region and industry to gain information relevant to you
  2. Be more visible and showcase your achievements: Tag yourself to deals, feature your experience and put you and your company in front of the right people
  3. Do more business: Get tailored alerts to help you find the perfect business partners, review new deals and monitor your leads and competitors

How do you ensure the deals data is accurate?

ALL deals data is a) submitted directly by the institutions involved; b) Checked and approved by our industry reporters and c) Verified by the dealmakers involved. If you want to add more or update any information on a deal, email submissions@tagmydeals.com and quote the relevant deal.

How do I submit my deal to the platform?

To begin, send your full name, email, deal borrower, closing date and volume to submissions@tagmydeals.com. They will contact you for any further details required.

Why should I tag myself to deals?

Tagging yourself to deals not only acts as a personal record of your deal activities, but ensures potential clients can identify your expertise and experience and find you as a preferred business partner.

What are the origins of tagmydeals?

Tagmydeals was established in 2013 by the founders of TXF and Proximo. It is the first platform where financial professionals and companies can exhibit the complex deal structures they have closed whilst connecting with peers and clients for marketing and international business development.

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