Voting is now open for The Perfect 10 Deal of the Year Awards 2017

At the beginnning of each year we look for the most innovative, market influencing transactions within trade, commodity, ECA/DFI-backed, and project financing. Deals must have been signed within calendar year 2017.

The trade, commodity, export and project finance industries are special - they make a true contribution to the real economy. Deals in this market create wealth, aide development, create jobs and much more. They should all be celebrated. To receive a Perfect 10 award is an incredible achievement.

As in previous years we allowed dealmakers in the market to vote for their favourite deals on

To have your say and nominate the deals you want to win a Perfect 10 Deal of the Year Award:
1.  Search for your chosen deal on 
2.  Once you find your deal, simply click on the top right-hand button: 'Nominate this deal as a Perfect 10 candidate for 2017'.
3.  Remember to tag yourself on the deals on which you worked to multiply your nomination, and encourage your colleagues and other deal participants to do the same.
4.  Spread the word about your deal!

Voting will be open until mid-February 2018. Judging will take place at the end of February and winners will be announced at TXF events in Amsterdam and Prague later this year

If you still need to submit a deal for consideration, don't worry, just download our submissions guidelines.

Good luck to all!