Deals of the Year Awards 2018


The trade, export and project finance industries are special – they make a true contribution to the real economy. To receive a Perfect 10 award is an incredible achievement. TXF is now open to receive Deal of the Year submissions for 2018!

Deal submissions can be submitted by any party involved in the transaction – from arrangers, lenders, borrowers, exporters, importers, advisers, investors, lawyers and other service providers in the market. 

We are looking for the most innovative, market influencing transactions within trade, commodity, ECA/DFI-backed and project financing. Deals must have been signed within calendar year 2018. 

If you and your team have contributed to something praiseworthy this year, please nominate your deals. Alternatively, vote for someone else’s deal you think deserves to be commended. Winners will be announced publicly and at our TXF Global 2019 events in Amsterdam and Berlin. To participate, just follow the steps below.


Submit your deal by email 
  Deadline for submissions - Jan 23, 2019




We need to know why you think the deal should be considered for a Perfect 10 Award for 2018. Please provide us with at least a paragraph on what makes the deal stand out. Then please submit your deal of selected deal books for consideration to us via email to [email protected]. Files can be in submitted as an attachment in Microsoft Word, PDF, Excel or PowerPoint.


If the deal has already been submitted to TXF Data via tagmydeals, please let us know that, but also provide some of the additional deal detail listed below for the Deals of the Year submission process. You do not need to contribute each nomination to a specific category. 

Please include the following details:
•    Name of the deal being nominated
•    Details of all arranging and their roles
•    Borrower and guarantors
•    Amount (including tranches) and tenor
•    What type of financing structure
•    Corporates involved (exporter, importer, equipment, providers, contractors, project sponsors)
•    ECAs/MFIs/DFIs and their roles
•    Other parties – law firms/financial advisors/brokers/insurers
•    Date of signing
•    Purpose of funds
•    At least a paragraph about why do you think this deal should be considered as one of the best? 
Please send all submissions to: [email protected] 


Cast your vote via
  Voting open from Dec 3, 2018 - Jan 31, 2019




As in previous years we will allow dealmakers in the market to vote for their favourite deals via our user generated deals database To vote simply, register or login, search for your chosen deal on the site and then click on the top right-hand button 'Nominate this deal as a Perfect 10 candidate for 2018'. You can vote as many times as you like, but you can only vote once for each deal.


The Perfect 10 winners for 2018 
  Results in April, public announcment in May




Winning deals will be announced to the market in May following an extensive judging process, undertaken by our editorial team, but also taking into account voting via tagmydeals. We will get in touch with each winner by the end of April. 


Join us to celebrate the Perfect 10 award winners for 2018 at the following events:

The winning deals for commodity finance will be awarded at TXF Global 2019: Commodity Finance in Amsterdam, May 23 – 24, 2019.

The winning deals for export agency and project finance will be awarded at TXF Global 2019: Export Agency & Project Finance in Berlin, Jun 12 – 14, 2019

Got a question? 
Email [email protected]